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Meanwhile God mostly works only behind the scenes to keep things on the 6000 year schedule. it appears that the reasoning behind this plan is for man to give all his own systems of government a chance and therefore not be able to say to God when his reign begins that "God shoved his religion down our throat." (I talk about this in depth in my article on Satan in Prophecy.) Once you know about the 6000 years of man, the immediate desire is to know when Creation was so that you can add 6000 years to it.

Here's the best answer to that question that I have found. Faulstich who spent a lifetime researching biblical chronology with the aid of astronomical computer programs.

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Most people are already familiar with Revelation's prophecy of the 1,000 year reign of Christ and his saints.

It's taught in Revelation 20 where the phrase "1,000 years" is repeated six times.

(Most of whom I'd wager learned about it from Michael Rood, as did I in 2000).

If you are not already familiar with the concept, the idea is that the appointed times which God gave to Israel to keep were also prophecy.

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You can see just from this sampling of verses how different the Sabbath millennium is from today's world.

It's these other aspects that we'll focus on in this article.

While many teachers grasp how the annual spring and fall feast days of Leviticus 23 are prophetic, few apply what Jesus and Paul taught about the Law (or Torah) to the Sabbath day which is also found in Leviticus 23.

The Torah has several instructions relating to groups of six days or years followed by a seventh that is distinct.


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