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Thus, in many circumstances, encouraging a person, even a friend, who is under 18 to take a photo of themselves nude, or of body parts considered sexual in nature, with their cell phone or digital camera, violates this statute., to knowingly send out or disseminate pictures of a person under 18 (1) in a state of nudity (or semi-nudity) or (2) engaged in a sexual act.

Thus, for example, a sixteen year old who photographs him or herself nude, and sends it to their boyfriend or girlfriend, violates this statute.

According to a 2014, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy report, Teenage Sexting Statistics, nearly 40% of all teenagers have posted or sent sexually suggestive messages, but sexting is more common among boys than girls.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and published results of a "sex and tech" survey which explored the connection between teen sex and cyberspace, examined just who they are sending these images to.

A person who receives such a picture attached to an email, for example, and who knowingly forwards it to another person, may also be in violation of this law.

It is illegal for anyone to knowingly possess photographs (in any format) which depict a person under the age of 18 posed with a lewd exhibition of genitals, buttocks, breasts or engaged in an actual or simulated sexual acts.In a number of jurisdictions, criminal charges have already been brought to address this behavior.": Our youth across the nation, in Massachusetts and right here in Berkshire County are engaging in these risky behaviors which can pose great danger for themselves and others.The 2010 National Institute of Justice publication, “Much Ado About Sexting” reports 11% of teen girls ages 13 to 16 have been involved with sending or receiving sexually explicit messages."When she would come to school she would always hear, ' Oh, that's the girl that sent the picture.She's just a whore.'" Increasingly schools are getting outside speakers in to talk to girls and boys separately about the trust and respect agenda that seems to have disappeared.What might surprise you is how kids are using social media and the internet for intimate, even sexual purposes.


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