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I think that I really just tried to give Paul a big heart.

Was there ever a point where you got some background from Amy about what does Paul do, where does he live? Yeah, no, I don't really know much about Paul either. He is a bit of device, you know, to further this storyline, but no, I didn’t really know too much about him at all.

The way I kind of approached it is Paul is this nice guy who cares about Rory and is perhaps trying to force something that's simply not there.

Not very much -- a few friends who I've been on the phone with since being out of town have mentioned that some people have thought it was great, some people might not have thought it was as great. I think it’s a show about characters that we have grown attached to and they're changing and growing from these experiences they have, and they make mistakes as human beings often do. So we're seeing a new chapter in Rory's life and this is where she's at currently, but that doesn’t define her. I haven’t seen it myself yet, so I can't comment too much on what happens during it. I heard the last four words, which was exciting and crazy, and amazing, but I don't know the events leading up to it.

I think that she may not have been handling it in the best possible way, but we can't really judge because we don't see enough. How likely is it that Paul is the father, would you say?

It wasn't just cast too, it was crew and everyone sort of just coming together and catching up with old stories.

There was one scene that I did that I don't believe made it which was in the living room, and Babette was there and I believe I was fixing some computers and that was a big cast scene.

We don't really know the inner workings of their relationship or how much time they've actually spent together if she's been on the road a lot, and I don't know if Rory handles the relationship in a great way, but what I gather and from what I've read, she ends up acknowledging toward the end that she might have handled it better. It's never been a show about perfect people being perfect.

How much do you know about the reaction to all four episodes, since you've haven’t been able to watch them yet? I don't think that the audience would want that.

It's so exciting to get to work on her material.

How was it diving into that material and that pace again after all these years, particularly with these core members of the cast like Lauren and Alexis?

When you read that initial scene and realized you would be playing her boyfriend, what was your reaction? I personally think what Amy and Dan did was fantastic. They see Rory with a boyfriend who they didn't want to see her with. You brought it up earlier, but your character is supposed to be forgettable.


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