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camera provides up to 1080p Full HD streaming video to your computer/laptop and up to 720p on your mobile device.The large 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor allows maximum light, yielding vivid colors, brighter video and stunning detail.Just had a chat with another Guro online, I want answers...it could take up to 24 hrs, I guess for someone to flip a switch, I want to know why my phone is barred,been with o2 for donkeys years is it human error wrong digit put in the system..to ring 08448471420 they will lift the bar, but I dont want to ring this number costs too much with I was told today in the shop it was lifted wait and turn my phone on and off, ok its not 24 hrs yet but I need my phone yesterday, my sons school if they need to get me in an emergency they cant now ...is really annoying now...me.............

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I'm happy that I'm not the only one with this issue.

I recently upgraded my DSM and found that they revamped all of SS.

If I disable home mode manually, geofence may re-enable it randomly even if I'm not at home. Home mode is pretty much a complete fail for me as well.

I am binding two i Phone 7s and I am duplicating the same problems mentioned by the other posters.

started just over 24 hrs ago, went to use phone silly little icon on bar signal top left hand side.

So checked on line, said that there was a mast in my postcode area down....

Mostly changing DNI to MAC address and storing IP in a different field.

This is done during polling that happens every 5 minutes.

I am looking into actions and IFTTT automatisation now, seems more reliable. Thy I have the same experience - completely random whether the geofence works or not. If I open DS Cam, it will trigger the geofence, but that is not practical every time I leave home or return.


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