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Kingdom Hearts 2 had 12 worlds in total and thus far we have 4 worlds confirmed for the third game.

It may be, however, that the information is accurate.

Game director, Nomura, did tell in July 2017 that the team was considering putting another playable character into the game. Regardless, we're hoping to see some more Kingdom Hearts 3 information (perhaps even a release date) at the D23 in Japan, taking place in February 2018. In a recent interview Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda told Nikkei (via .

It could very well be that the information has been mixed up with the similarly named Kingdom Hearts 3D, released on PS4 in 2016.

This game had a playable Riku as well as a Fantasia-themed world.

Thus far the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, an as yet untitled world from Big Hero 6, Mount Olympus from Hercules, Twilight Town Mysterious Tower and a Toy Story world have been confirmed as new additions.

In a recent interview with , Nomura lessened the excitement of a brand new Toy Story world slightly by revealing that there will be fewer Disney worlds in this game than in Kingdom Hearts 2.Since then news has been fairly thin on the ground but we’ve collected all of the latest news and rumors and placed it right here for your convenience.There are now five Kingdom Hearts 3 tailers you need to watch if you really want to consider yourself a Keyblade hype master.You will meet a host of new characters whose help you’ll need to stop the evil Master Xehanort from bringing about another Keyblade war.Familiar faces and places return, but there are new worlds to visit inspired by Toy Story, Fantasia and Tangled.”These aren't details that have been confirmed by Square Enix about the game yet, so we're sticking them strictly in the rumor category for now.For example, it was spotted by KH Insider that an Olympus Keyblade was able to cast Zeus’ lightning as well as transform into a Pegasus-drawn chariot.


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