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Principle of cross-cutting relations: The principle is another example of which came first.Instead of using layers, it involves features that cut through the rock, like a fault or a dike.Principle of fossil succession: This principle is very similar to that of superposition.

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Sediments can be deposited on an incline, but this doesn't happen very often.

Once the rocks are deposited flat, forces can act upon them to tilt or fold them.

Law of superposition: This is one of the most basic techniques of relative dating geologists use.

This principle says that the oldest rock layer is always on the bottom and layers above it get progressively younger.

To think of it another way, the chocolate chips found in chocolate chip cookies must be made first before they are added to the cookie, right?

You can't make the cookie, then the chocolate chips, and then insert them into the cookie.However, it does not cut layers D and E, so those layers are younger than Fault F.Law of inclusions: This law states that when a rock contains pieces or fragments (also called inclusions) of another rock, these pieces or fragments must be older.In this example above, we have rock layers A - E and Fault F showing.According to superposition, A is the oldest rock layer, while E is the youngest rock layer. According to cross-cutting relations, the fault is younger than those layers it cuts.In this case, the principle states that the item doing the cutting is younger than what is being cut.


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