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"But I wish I'd known I had an appreciative audience." "I like being comfortable too," she smiled. My searching tongue found each testicle and I sucked them individually...

You leave very little to the imagination, and all summer I've watched you through my window and taken full advantage of that delicious fact." "I do like to be comfortable," I admitted, although I also liked to showcase my great ass, toned legs and huge tits when given the chance. I leaned down, slightly awkwardly, my body straining slightly so that my mouth could be in position to take full advantage of that big ball sack.

She had only been gone for three days and I was already bored and lonely. Her big, no, her cock already had my mouth watering I stammered, unable to take my eyes off her massive prick, "I-I-I should leave you to, um, finish, um, yeah. She couldn't miss the fact that my mouth was gaping open. Thompson," Chelsea offered, still stroking her cock slowly as if it were a hypnotist's pocket watch. "Oh fuck, yes, you are even more amazing than I imagined," she moaned, as I got closer and closer to devouring the entire hard shaft.

That said, it was liberating to be able to masturbate anywhere in the house that I wished without the fear of getting caught by my daughter. Something." As you can tell, my brain wasn't functioning very well. I turned bright red as I realized I was actually drooling! Bobbing furiously, I suddenly lost my balance and fell forward and accidentally took the whole cock in my mouth and felt her balls resting on my chin. "Holy fuck, no one has ever taken my entire dick in their mouth," she moaned, surprised, unaware that it was an accident, although a very serendipitous one.

"I'm flattered," I replied, feeling a rush of adrenaline at the compliment. "Now suck on my balls too, my pet MILF," she ordered, stroking her hands through my hair.

"Sure did," she said, sounding very proud of herself.

I walked into the house, and was heading toward the kitchen when I noticed a light was turned on near the end of the hallway, which I didn't recall being on the day before. "But I have one more fantasy I wouldn't mind making true tonight." "I sure hope that fantasy includes pounding the MILF next door deep in her cunt with that big snake of yours," I sluttily offered, my cunt still on fire and still damn wet. " I asked as a joke, as I watched a girl taking guys from both ends.

But this the first time I'd come over in the evening; so maybe I just hadn't noticed it. "That is exactly what I was thinking," she nodded, pulling me up and kissing me. which somehow made me all gushy inside and down below. She laughed, "Slutty cheerleader becomes prom queen." "Ohhhhh, a classic," I laughed, as I reached over and stroked her cock.

Summary: Lonely MILF walks in on teen girl masturbating and.... My natural submissive side that had been dormant for so long? "Fuck, I can't believe how good you are at this," she moaned, as I lathered her ball sack with my mouth and tongue until it was almost dripping wet. "Oh yeah," I responded, oozing with as much sexual seduction as I could. "Fuck, yes," she consented, wanting to feel my lips wrapped around her cock just as much as I wanted her inside my mouth. I want to feel those luscious cock sucking lips wrapped around my she-dick." "Yes, Miss," I moaned, the invitation to satisfy the craving I had been feeling since my first sight of this fabulous cock having finally been offered. I would eagerly do anything she wished, but did I want that she-cock back in my mouth.

Note 1: Thanks to Hernandez for doing the photos for this story as well as the plot bunny that led to the final story. The desperate begging of an invisible recorded girl who I couldn't see, but who was obviously close to an orgasm? I was sure that all of these were valid answers, especially the last one. I knew I had come over here just to check up on a kitty, but I was soon going to be caring for my own kitty... "You should see what I can do with your entire cock," I tantalized, in hopes of getting permission to enjoy that massive cock in my mouth. "Well, that is an offer I can't refuse," she smiled. I leaned forward and finally took that beautiful hard dick between my cock sucking lips. She had decided to exercise her dominance and I couldn't be happier. "Now let's see you use only that gorgeous pair of lips you have, my pet MILF," she instructed, smiling down at me.

"I'm so happy I decided to lure you in here." "You what? "I knew you were coming over tonight," she told me. " I asked, even though that seemed rather obvious after her last statement.

" I joked, "I imagine I will be repeating those exact words, and very soon." "You really are an insatiable little minx," she assessed accurately. "I promise, I will fill you so full," she moaned, as I swirled my tongue around her thick mushroom top.

I was naked in my living room watching a hot gang bang scene (one of the many fantasies I had not yet lived) when I realized I'd forgotten to go and feed the cat next door. This cute athletic girl of eighteen who had lived next door for eight years, my daughter Nicole's best friend, had a fucking... I rested my hand tenderly on her thigh as I resumed sucking. "Oh, God," she moaned, "I'm so close." I took her cock out briefly to beg, "Miss, please shoot your full load down my cum hungry mouth." "As you wish, Princess Buttercup," she laughed softly, as she slid her generous cock back into my warm inviting mouth.


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