Dating with warts

You can get vaccinated against HPV, but unfortunately the vaccination is not free. But there are also so-called "oncogenic" (tumour-causing) types of HPV that will increase your chances of developing anal cancer.Simply by looking at the abnormalities on your skin, your doctor can say whether or not you have genital warts. Men with HIV are relatively more likely to get anal cancer or one of its earliest stages (AIN).

My doctor explained to me that I was able to go more than 20 years without knowing it. Sometimes it can be from hormones, the monthly cycle. From what I read about hpv the body starts to clear the virus and if there is no signs within 2 years you are cleared. Today I discovered that I have genital warts HPV and was totally confused upset why has this happened .

Perhaps minor flare ups happened and I misunderstood it for something else or didn't even pick up on it at all. So I have just started taking them on a daily basis and hopefully it will cut down on the quantity of them. It has to be your current husband, happened to me married 12 years, was perfect wife, I got hpv from husband, he had spots 6 months after one night stand with stranger, I got it 4 months later. I consider my husband a it likely that you had contracted hpv 25 years ago and it's just now showing cervical cell changes? is it likely any hpv infection from 25 years ago is just showing obvious genital warts? I have been with my husband for 25yrs so how had I got them . I had HPV 40 yrs ago and what a shock after all these years .

There are various treatment options for genital warts: applying a special cream or lotion over the course of several weeks, freezing them off with liquid nitrogen, or removing them with a laser or a surgical knife.

Removing the warts will not remove the virus that causes them from your body.

Hi, I will share my experience with you as it is all I know.

I am in my forties, I am in my second marriage and we have been together for 17 years.I guess I was in shock, because I left her office as quickly as I could and didn't ask a single question!! Is it possible that this virus has laid dormat in my system for over 25 years? I don't know if this will help;but my husband got a bad case of gential warts after we had been in a faithful relationship for 30 years.My current husband of 25 years doesn't appear to have any skin bumps, warts or anything. He was my only partner,he had other partners before me. I've been married for 25 faithful years to my 2nd husband.After our breakup I was tested for all the STD's, not really sure if HPV was one of them.I have had yearly GYN exams, pap smears and have a 20 year old son! I've read that the virus and genital warts take 3 days to 6-8 months to appear after being infected with the HPV virus , which leads me to the question, who did i catch this from husband #1 or husband #2 ?

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