Twitter trends not updating

It's also got a very slick interface with a navigation menu on the left-hand side.

Digsby: The beloved IM, email notification, and social networking application also does Twitter, but it's only available for PCs at the moment.

We, of course, love the multiple account support, but also appreciate saved searches, quick access to view followers and following, and tweet options to link to tweet, copy tweet, or copy tweet URL.

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Nambu: This really sophisticated Mac app should be more than enough for any and all of your Twitter needs.

You've got access to your followers and friends, custom groups, search (integrated with Friend Feed and One Riot), trends, and integration, multiple accounts, integration, filters, and three view options for a one or many column view of tweets.

And we haven't even begun to discuss the integrations with every popular social site on the planet.

Even though the light mode is a little easier, this app is better left to extreme power users.

People Browsr: The desktop version is just as complicated and feature-rich as the web app (you'll need to log in to the website to find the download link in lower right-hand corner).

With People Browsr you get a full-featured Twitter app that is bloated with features like export, sort by Twitter name or number of followers, map or gallery views, stats on stacks (which are like columns), an aggregate view of tweets across stacks, simultaneous posting to other services, quick access to a number of different filters, and so much more.

Plus all those features seem to really slow it down.

Mac Lounge: This app is incredibly appealing for its dead simple, single column interface and respectable feature set.

On the social networking side, Digsby pulls in Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and Linked In so you can get a more complete view of what's happening across your entire social presence.


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