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” Chuckling, Dave responded, “I recognize a little bit.” And, fans of Tags:alisyn camerota, Amanda Wakes Up, Clayton Morris, CNN, Dave Briggs, Early Start, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, New Day Posted in alisyn camerota, Cable news beauties, Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, New Day, Uncategorized | 5 Comments » showed photos of President George W.Bush’s Secretary of State Condaleezza Rice for an “Unmasking vs.We used some video that was Condaleezza Rice at the top of this program, not Susan Rice. That was just a file tape.”** Chiming in, Dave declared, “She has nothing to do with this story.” Looking into the camera, Christine earnestly said, “That was just a, a tape snafu. Perhaps, the F&FW suits have learned from the time they awkwardly replaced Fox & Friends co-anchors Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly with Ainsley Earhardt, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris without notice to co-host Ainsley sat between guest co-hosts Pete and Clayton on the curvy couch and Abby Huntsman was the newsreader. ” Even though she was the queen of the co-anchor seemed crystal clear.

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”* For those who did tune in as Aly asked, it was anything but–special. On Monday, reported that her tenure at Fox News would conclude sometime this month.

On Tuesday, Judge Napolitano clued Aly’s acolytes into the fact that her departure would possibly be this week when he rhetorically asked Aly if he would be on with her again, exclaiming, “Mother of God!

And, his lady Bianca Robles and his pup Piper certainly did–and they seemed to think that he did as they feted him with a bottle of white wine apparently delivered to him in his hotel room. Even though Ainsley may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, she does seem to be one of the sweetest seasonings in the cupboard.

Lately, the Southern belle has seemed to almost ape [split infinitive intended] her predecessor counterpart Northerner Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

[Author’s aside: Subtitle obviously an allusion to Looking Glass’ hit Tags: Brandi Briggs, Brandi Moreland, Brandy, Dave Briggs, David Briggs, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox & Friends Weekend, Fox and Friends, Fox and Friends Weekend, Fox News, Looking Glass, Sports Dash with Yahoo!

Sports Posted in Dave Briggs, David Briggs, FNC, Fox & Friends, Fox and Friends, Fox News, Pop Culture | Leave a Comment » Alisyn Camerota promised, “Today is a very special day for us: we hope that you’ll tune in at the top of the hour!Sporting neon orange NASA socks, he reminded one of a former ran “getting-to-know” Adam Klotz segments with photos aplenty: Adam was seen as an intrepid skydiver and a fearless participant in the Running of the Bulls.And, his softer side was captured in a photo taken of him and his dog Piper sleeping side-by-side by his gorgeous girlfriend.We’re so excited for you.” Turning to Abby, Tucker responded, “Thank you! Ergo, it is no surprise that you are getting your new show at 7 p.m. Following in the footsteps of sexy Maria Molina surely was more than a tad daunting.Ergo, he played the role of the sycophant by not showing the fig but showing the socks.” Today, the writing on Belshazzar’s wall needed no interpreting when Aly promised “a very special day.” When began to conclude this afternoon, Aly’s co-anchor Bill Hemmer announced, “And, today marks the end–of a wonderful run for our friend and our colleague, Alisyn Lane Cameota.”** As tears began to well up in Aly’s eyes, Bill continued, “I tried to talk her out of it: Oh, I tried!


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