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Today I want to share with the one I find most interesting – for a dating show – why I like them.If you are the one 非誠勿擾 I think it’s the most popular of every dating show in China.Show concept: every episode has 24 females and 5 guys, showing up on stage one by one in the rhythm of Jean Roch ‘Can you feel it? He picks his favourite one in secret, in the same time ladies judge his physical apperience, age and anything that can be said as ‘outside’.

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To go to the next stage both, contestant and mother have to have their lights on and non of them can see if the light of other is still on. There are few major reasons I love it: first of all the concept is different from other dating shows.

Second of all it respects tradition giving parents a chance to have their ‘vote’ on picking future daughter/son-in-law.

Second of all at that time in one episode I saw every kind of emotions – from sadness, crying and sympathy to just ‘bitching around’.

It is also seen as having the most materialistic girls gathered around there.

At this point he can see their background and ask them one final question.

After this he makes his decision – either he successfully goes out of the studio with a girl or he goes home alone. First of all – it was the first show of that type I’ve seen in Chinese TV.

As almost every couple we have our ‘weekend routine’ – we prepare snacks, drinks and do probably the most boring thing in the world. But it’s not JUST any show – we waste our time with Chinese dating shows.

It even has English subtitle so I don’t need to do ‘What is going on’-face all the time.

Later he tells what he expect from a girlfriend, if the girl’s cannot match those expectations she still has a chance to confess but he can chose if he can accept it or not.

At the end he can confess to his favourite girl, accept the other one, decline or leave with nothing.

Besides show has it’s own edition in UK, USA, Philippines, Ireland and of course it’s mother-land, Australia so you can compare how people date in different cultures. v=2c HYM3xt Ik Y One out of 100 百里挑一 Show concept: In the TV aired on SBN (Shangai Broadcast Network) every time we meet 16 single ladies, a guy needs to perform some talent he has and impress members at the audience and get at least 70% of votes to pass to the next stage where he can talk about himself and questions can be asked.

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