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Read More Getting over an ex is indeed one of relationship’s most psychological challenges.

It is painful to leave someone who all care and love has been showered upon, in hopes that the future would be shared together. Read More It all started for Bidemi when he just left secondary school, feeling all good with himself decided to become a model, there he met the most beautiful girl he would ever see.

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On that basis of trust and friendship we thrived in the house. It was obvious Debbie Rise was all over you but you kept pushing her away. ’ Because friendship is the hardest currency and it lasts longer sometimes. It was Uriel I was crushing on and I even told her many times until she left. But Tboss and I became a little close when we had very few people in the house.

You are a fine guy and most guys would take advantage of that. (Laughter) Well, I looked at the long term goal and told myself, ‘why take advantage of someone’s emotions? So, I decided to be friends with her and we spoke at length about it. I want to go into presenting on radio and television, hosting of events and of course, I will still be creating content. You know, the fewer you are the less options you have. (Laughter) Well, a lot of people have been saying that.

You see, Debie Rise and I were always talking of things we would do together outside the house. Was your girlfriend one of the reasons you were so prim and proper in the house? But what you don’t have you cannot give because what I am not in real life, I can’t put on play in BBN. But Bassey, why didn’t you pinch one of those girls a little and cause a little controversy? You know, living in the house with so many beautiful ladies could be tempting. I wish I met your mum because she did a great job but you said on the show that she died. Unfortunately she died when I was in SS2, and because of that, my life changed and I had to repeat SS2 thrice because of her death. Yes, she was very ill but as a small boy, what could I do? What was your growing up like, were you a nerd or a popular boy? I call myself ‘Area boy’ because that keeps me grounded.

We could only relate together like that as friends, because at that level, it was very strategic for me to be very good friends with her and not break her heart. But I thank God I have moved on, but I still remember her. I grew up in the village and I went to school without shoes. When I got outside, I found out that Efe and Bisola have a great fan base, So, I think it is between Efe and Bisola. What should we expect from Bassey after Big Brother? I expect to be on TV, I expect to be on radio and I expect to be on stage and on the screen. BREAKING: New diabetes treatment 'cures' Ijebu man in 6 weeks Guaranteed Income: Register for free and get 100 dollar bonus to start!

The question is where does a girl who lives in oyinbo-ville meet a Nigerian man? Well I gave in and I actually signed up on a site that catered to Nigerians in 2006 or early 2007 and I was not impressed.

Church I’ve been told to look at church, but I don’t go to a Nigerian church (ie Redeemed Church of God), and I can’t justify leaving the church I’ve attended for most of my life because of a guy who may or may not be waiting for me there. First off, the site design was horrible and looked like it was made my a child.

Read More Lots of ladies are really shy, full of pride or some even deem it totally not cool to start up a chat with a guy they like at which they have never spoken to before for fear of rejection, or being interpreted as cheap. Read More Relationship problems do not necessarily have to be with your lover alone, it could be with family members, friends, co-workers, or even neighbors.

Whatever situation an individual finds his or herself, there are first hand...

Because I live in Canada, and not in a part that has a lot of Naija men, my friends have asked me over and over again why I think I’m going to marry a Nigerian.

I have the same answer for them: I know, but I always imagined that I would. In my dreams I’d meet someone who had lived in Nigeria longer than I, perhaps even gone to highschool there, or done a college/university degree there.

If a man don’t show them the love they require, they would leave that relationship instantly.


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