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I kind of hoping you’re not by now, but hey, I understand if you encounter them still.

gpt disk not validating in failover cluster-13

Shrinking virtual disk with the inbox windows tools only works when that unused space is at the end of the disk and not in between partitions / volumes. Another example is when system or other files are located at the end of an existing volume that has tons of free space but the files are blocking shrinking of the volume to create unused space that would allow the virtual disk to be shrunk.

The latter can be dealt with by defragmenting the disk although you might need tools that can do off line defragmentation to move system files or you can also resize that volume with Gparted.

I don’t know about you but we’ve been using GPT by default everywhere we can for many years now to get rid of the 2TB limit.

The bad news for some will be that, for now, it can only detect Re FS but cannot handle actions against it (yet? More information can be found at their Wiki and download are here A classic example of a disk with unused space that cannot be leveraged to shrink a virtual disk is the one where unused disk space is not at the end of the disk.

For this they need to be attached to a v SCSI controller.

Extending virtual hard disks is something that rarely causes issues unless we don’t have enough disk space.

I mentioned using Gparted to fix this particular issue in a previous blog post You cannot shrink a VHDX file because you cannot shrink the volume on the virtual disk .

Today we’ll show you how to fix virtual disk resizing issues with Gparted.

I select the partition I want to move and hit the resize button … Let’s boot our virtual machine and take a look at disk management: The picture in your virtual machine shows a volume layout in the guest on a virtual hard disk that we can shrink now using Hyper-V manager or Power Shell if we want to. Sometimes the in box tools to deal with disks and volumes can’t handle specific situations but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck.


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