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When I started a job in 1962, I realised that none of my young male colleagues wore vests under their shirts, so I ditched mine and have never worn one since.It is strange that there weren't standard rules about these things, even within the same school.We were always stripped to the waist, and able to sweat freely and then shower together afterwards and so become more confident about ourselves.

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Shirts vs skins can be bad for less confident kids, if all boys are shirtless it is fairer and all boys will get used to it and gain confidence in their bodies. We wore either black or white shorts depending on which class we were in.

Those who did wear a vest under their school shirts simply peeled off and hung them on their peg.

I had one PE teacher who let us wear t-shirts (and even an extra sweatshirt outdoors! Then the next year we had a different teacher, his view was that we needed toughening up and made us all do it stripped to the waist.

In the sixth form things were more relaxed and we were given the choice, but most boys opted to wear just shorts and no top.

On the way,we were talking and some of the boys said about whether we were allowed to wear Tshirts which had been on the uniform list and we said 'no, just shorts and plimsolls'.

So,we certainly weren't allowed to keep our vests on and as to T.shirts; we never ever wore them.

Reply to Andy K1; Our kit was nominally White Tee Shirt, white shorts and Plimmies (Plimsolls) At the start of every lesson the last 2 lads to get Changed into Kit and into the Gym were made to take their Tops off and 'Run the Gauntlet' of the rest of the class - usually around 30 Lads.

After this they stayed Topless for the rest of the lesson, and some lads were allowed to take their tops off if they wanted to -and if the Gym Master would let them.

Michael, you're probably right about the pairings I felt the same way.

We all were stripped to the waist to box and I'm guessing you were the same.

No one really wanted to look bad in the ring but it was a way to release frustration ect.


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