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The couple, who got engaged late last year, married at the Malibu home of De Joria’s father, co-founder of the Paul Mitchell hair care products line and Patron Spirits Company.They exchanged rings designed by jeweler designer Neil Lane.He was the owner of the Cisco Burger restaurant, which opened on April 28, 2006, across the street from West Coast Choppers.

"We're all where we're supposed to be," Bullock told in September 2013. "Louis has no idea that I'm in this film," Bullock told ET about her adorable son at the premiere in June, adding that she was first introduced to the popular animated characters by him.

"He won't put two and two together -- at least not anytime soon. The kid surprises me all the time."These days, the actress is reportedly dating 49-year-old model and photographer Bryan Randall.

Shortly after the cheating scandal, a photo surfaced of him in Nazi regalia."The photo shocked me and made me sad.

This is not the man I married," Bullock told about the photo in April 2010. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life.

"Just wait till the night when they didn't see me coming or run their cars off the road. They're trying to make my life miserable and make money off of it, so, I should be entitled to do the same.

You just gotta be sneaky about it so you don't get sued."Looking back, he says he accepts total responsibility for his tarnished reputation, yet still has hard feelings towards his ex-wife when it comes to allegations that he's a racist.

her exact quote to magazine was, 'That's not the man I married,' so I'm like, 'oh God.' Just like, poured gasoline and made it erupt.""That stuff kinda hurts me because man, I grew up in an all-black neighborhood and like, we adopted a black son," he laughs. I'm grateful that I'm here, blessed to have what I have. If you end up in a place where you can look back and go, 'It happened, but I'm so lucky to be sitting where I am sitting ....

"And not because he was black -- my requirement for the adoption was like, hey, I want the kid that needs us the most."Bullock herself has remained tight-lipped about their split, except to say that she's clearly moved on. '"She also obviously has an amazing relationship with her son.

RELATED: Jesse James & Alexis De Joria Share Wedding Photo James recently relaunched West Coast, opening a WCC custom motorcycle shop in Austin, Texas, where he lives with De Joria, who drives Patron Nitro Funny car on the drag race circuit.

This is a fourth marriage for James, who got divorced from Sandra Bullock in June, 2010.

It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."James now says the hardest part of the divorce was losing his relationship with Bullock's now 5-year-old son, Louis, whom the two had initially adopted together in January 2010.


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