Dating safety tips for college students

Walking around campus â€Â¢ Familiarize yourself with the layout of the campus.

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â€Â¢ Walk with a confident stride; keep your head up and look around.

â€Â¢ If a motorist stops and asks for directions, keep your distance from the car.

â€Â¢ Learn where other emergency telephones are located throughout campus (chemistry labs. â€Â¢ Ensure that you are subscribed to the campus mass notification system on campus.

â€Â¢ Participate in any campus emergency notification, whistle, or other safety programs being offered.

â€Â¢ Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you.

â€Â¢ Carry your purse close to your body and keep a firm grip on it; carry your wallet in an inside coat pocket or your front pant pocket.

Do not open your door unless you can identify the person seeking entry.

â€Â¢ Do not let unknown individuals "tailgate;" ask who they are visiting and offer to call the University Police Department.

â€Â¢ If you are being followed, change direction and go to the nearest business or home; knock on the door, and request that someone call the Police. â€Â¢ Walk near the curb and avoid shrubbery or other places of potential concealment.

â€Â¢ Tell a friend or roommate where you are going and what time you expect to return.

â€Â¢ Program emergency phones numbers into your personal cell phone.

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