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Current Version: v.3.4Update History:v.1.0 - Release on 2/6/2014 as Pokémon Battle Simulator v.1.0.v.1.1 - Several minor bug fixes that slightly change the game.v.1.2 - Changed the opposing trainer from Skinick25, to Wes from Pokémon Colosseum.v.1.3 - The sprites for Braviary and Manectric are both the sprites from X/Y, replacing the Black/White sprites.v.1.4 - Changed "Items" button to "Bag," and added 2 Super Potion items in the bag.v.1.5 - Manectric can Mega Evolve into Mega Manectric, which boosts its defense and HP a little bit.v.1.6 - Changed the sprite for Wes.v.1.7 - Added "Enter Code" button under "Options" button.v.1.8 - Added a code for Victini, to celebrate 100 views.v.1.9 - Added a code for a dozen Super Potions, to celebrate 200 views.v.2.0 - Altered the winning and losing screens.v.2.1 - Altered the logo at the beginning of the game.v.2.2 - Added Mystery Gift music for the Wonder Cards for the codes.v.2.3 - Removed "Sound On" and "Sound Off" buttons, and instead added a single "Sound Off/Sound On" button in their place.v.2.4 - Added a cry for Victini, which is an obtainable Pokémon via code.v.2.5 - Added a code that adds a new music track that you can use, and a "Select Music" button that allows you to toggle through your unlocked music tracks.v.2.6 - Changed the sprite for the Poké Ball.v.2.7 - Changed logo in the intro to my new icon I made.v.2.8 - Removed R/S/E Rival Battle Music Code, and instead added it in with regular music.v.2.9 - Increased HP of Braviary and Manectric each by 50, making each of their maximum HP 250.

This makes Mega Manectric's maximum HP 270.v.3.0 - Added cries for Braviary and Manectric, and increased Victini's maximum HP from 220 to 260.v.3.1 - Changed battle background, intro, and sprite sizes, and fixed several other small bugs.v.3.2 - Removed HP boost from Manectric's Mega Evolution, and lowered Manectric's base HP to 200 from 250.v.3.3 - Removed the old glitched music code, and temporarily removed the no longer functional "Select Music" button.v.3.4 - Fixed a several small bugs with the sound and music, and changed the intro slightly.

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If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer. : D (5/10/17) Code Index (codes are not case-sensitive):100 View Victini: 100View Victory200 View Dozen Super Potions: 200View Healing Instructions:*How to play: This game is a Pokémon Battle Simulator. You try and get your opponent's Pokémon to 0 HP, without your Pokémon getting to 0 HP. 100 Manectric, with the moves Fire Fang, Bite, Thunder, and Discharge. 100 Braviary, with the moves Aerial Ace, Crush Claw, and Slash.

If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. *How to enter in a code: On the menu "What will ___ do?

Other sprites were either drawn by me, or are from various places via Google Images.

Credit to Nintendo/The Pokémon Company for Pokémon.

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