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We have tried to make them as informative as possible – all of the information you will need on one page for each plant – including where you can get the plants from in Perth.

The existance of Gomphocarpus fruticosus in Perth is the reason why we have Monarch butterflies.

Pages for our two other great nectar plants, Pentas lanceolata and Verbena bonariensis will be added to the Monarch Butterfly garden website over the next few days. Where to get these Monarch butterfly plants in Perth? We are able to supply some seeds, rooted seedlings, or potted milkweed.

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Phone Rob on mob: 0408615192 or email: [email protected] potted milkweeds and nectar plants – including all of the ones in our garden – contact Scott at Zephyranthes Nursery , For potted Buddleja davidii ( Original species – mauve) contact Phil at Jarrahdale Basket Nursery, Jarrahdale.

Phone: (08) 95255329 Keep posted, and don’t forget to catch up with us on Twitter!

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Before establishing the garden 4-5 years ago, we trialled all of the plants over one summer.


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