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“I’m influenced more by life than individual musicians.I definitely feel like I draw from everything, it’s more than just one individual singer.” My favorite thing in my office is Walt Disney business plan. it reminds me that Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.“Over the past 20 years, I’ve heard people saying, ‘Isn’t that the dude who hit Halle Berry in the head? Justice continued his success on the baseball field for years after the divorce, winning two World Series pennants and the 2000 ALCS MVP award.

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They’ve since collaborated many times, and Alex says working with Em is always a treat.

“Em reminds me of one of my friends from back home,” he said. I forgot in two seconds that he was the biggest-selling artist of the decade.

His father is from Jamaica and his mother is English, and because of them, “I grew up listening to all kinds of music” According to his interview with the BBC a few years back, before he was Alex Da Kid, he was a European football star in the making. After networking like crazy to get his name out there, when the song blew up in 2010, there was nowhere to go but up.

Alex played for Bristol City’s youth team before injuring his knee and getting distracted from his initial goals of playing professionally. 6 years since I started my record and publishing company's 1 year since I started my creative agency and some how after all that time everyday still gets better and better (and I still have this face when I start working) #musiclove A post shared by CEO OF KIDina KORNER (@alexdakid) on “Airplanes” by rapper B.o. and singer Hayley Williams was a massive global hit, and despite being behind Nicki Minaj’s first major release, “Massive Attack,” the song for B.o. Imagine making something in your bedroom while at university that goes on to be viewed over a billion times on one platform alone 😛👀👀👀😛 Yep true story..

He knows what he’s doing.” While he would probably love for everyone to be a fan of his music, Alex is just grateful when people listen to it and end up knowing who he is and the work he’s done.

“People, sometimes they have an opinion but they won’t say it because it’s not politically right to do it,” he said.

” After keeping mostly silent about the situation over the past two decades, Justice finally let loose last week, sending a barrage of tweets directed at Berry.

In the messages, some of which appear to have been deleted, Justice, 49, repeatedly stated that he never hit his ex-wife during their relationship.

Now that we’re past rumorville and Berry is sharing Instagram posts of her new beau, hanging out at Fashion Week parties with him and going on dinner dates in front of paparazzi, they’re official like a referee with a whistle.


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