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Globally, increases in perceived anti-American attitudes appear to correlate with particular policies or actions, In the mid- to late-eighteenth century, a theory emerged among some European intellectuals that the New World landmasses were inherently inferior to Europe.The so-called "degeneracy thesis" held that climatic extremes, humidity and other atmospheric conditions in America physically weakened both men and animals.

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De Pauw said that the New World was unfit for human habitation because it was, "so ill-favored by nature that all it contains is either degenerate or monstrous".

He asserted that, "the earth, full of putrefacation, was flooded with lizards, snakes, serpents, reptiles and insects".

That's a natural usage among people with deeply rooted totalitarian instincts, which identify state policy with the society, the people, the culture.

In contrast, people with even the slightest concept of democracy treat such notions with ridicule and contempt. French academic Pierre Guerlain has argued that the term represents two very different tendencies: "One systematic or essentialist, which is a form of prejudice targeting all Americans.

James Ceaser has noted that the denouncement of America as inferior to Europe was in part motivated by the German government's fear of mass emigration; de Pauw was called on to convince the Germans that the new world was inferior.

De Pauw is also known to have influenced the philosopher Immanuel Kant in a similar direction.

Interpretations of anti-Americanism have often been polarized.


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