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So it will be unknown to me the reason for the blood work and I have made a conscious decision not following up on this, Because most likely I will get some half baked, half ass’d response if any at all. just tired, room was fairly tidy, found dirty clothes and linens in bathroom just tidied up a bit. The higher the ratio is, more profit for Revera and the management team. Most important for you loved one is that they are well groom and settled for day and night.

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Mind you I think a lot leave for greener pastures, which I cannot fault them for. the care is ok to good, more ok than good and I think currently the care is a bit better as there are several rooms empty on the floor xxx is on.

It is interesting with what I believe is a substantial profit margin of Revera, the facility asks residents to contribute to the bonuses for the front line staff.

I noticed something the last time I visited xxx in the parking lot.

First 10 or so spots from entry of driveway are reserved for resident cars.

I hope this is helpful More tips to come xxx was having a good day.

good conversation and seemed a bit stronger today but that ebbs and flows.surprised that clothes were hung up and towels seemed all organized this week. Please be aware that every 4 months, a RN with no attention to detail will reassess your love one.This is their opportunity to increase your monthly rate.Overall xxx has a roof over his head, access to food and water and if anything goes wrong there is someone to help him. the support team on the unit very talkative today, giving me updates on xxx last 2-3 weeks mood and behaviour.Basic care needs are run of the mill from most…there are a few that care.not all and as I have stated before continuity of care is not a priority from what I experience. I wonder if Leaside as a major corporation monitors and puts strategies in place to reduce their rate of staff leaving. I want to reiterate that my concerns about this facility are the leadership that guide the front line workers.Restock the disposable underwear xx loves in the bathroom and in drawers.


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