Signs you39re dating a commitment phobe

You’d be risking their sense of freedom and they’re now perceiving you as a threat.

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Ever found them take up a class or sign up for a gym membership and later completely back out of it? Anything that requires them to stay committed, they’d rather skip it altogether.

Because it’d hinder their spontaneity, and that's just a big NO.

They leave you bewildered, in pain and your self-esteem is likely to suffer a serious blow when they just walk off into the sunset never to return.

Welcome to the world of the commitment-phobic man that can be nothing but a nightmare for a woman who is trying to navigate the often treacherous world of dating.

So instead of strengthening them, they try to sabotage.

Don't let your SO’s lack of serious past relationships delude you into thinking they were waiting on the right one.“I’m really busy with this project, but we can get together sometime next week, ” or ” Sorry I did not see your texts until now” are texts that should really worry you if they are done repeatedly.We have all failed to see a text but if it keeps happening then there is a big problem and it is time you two talked candidly. You won’t hear from him after a great date Commitment-phobes rarely initiate contact after a date.If you notice this just please treat it as a red flag.Poor communication is another trait that you should really watch out for as you date a new person.That’s probably because he/she was starting to feel claustrophobic.


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