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Aluminum-alloy cotterless cranks had been a high-end item, not found on the run-of-the-mill European ten-speeds that sold for around 0 in the early 1970s bike boom years.

The Sugino Maxy cotterless crank was a game changer.

The inner chainring was attached using the 110 mm bolt circle, which survives to this day in very wide use.

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Despite the recent development in radiometric dating of numerous zircons by LA-ICPMS, mineral separation still remains a major obstacle, particularly in the search for the oldest material on Earth.

This began to turn around in the camera and electronics industries in the 1950s, but Japanese companies didn't figure out how to make and sell bicycles for the U. This was a 10-speed, pretty much all steel except for the handlebar stem and the Dia Compe brakes.

This bike was only available in one size, 20", which was considerably too small for an average American man.

The Maxy was much lighter and easier to work on than cottered cranks, and gave a competitive advantage to mid-priced Japanese derailer-equipped bicycles.

Although Japanese derailers had appeared as original equipment on Japanese bikes, the Sun Tour VGT was the first model to make a big splash in the aftermarket.

It was equipped with Araya steel rims, which were beautifully made, much smoother and truer than European steel rims of the era..not strong enough to withstand the weight of an average American rider.

This was partly due to design, and partly due to the fact that Japanese steel was not as good as European (nor American) steel.

There are still many very fine Japanese bicycles available on the used market, and this article is intended as a guide to them. While Japanese bicycles were manufactured to very tight tolerances, and nicely finished (considerably better than their European competition), the Japanese had not yet come to terms with the average American's being taller and heavier than the average Japanese.

After the Second World War, Japan was primarily known for making cheap knockoffs of foreign designs, competing on the basis of cheap labor. (This gap was wider at the time than it is now, due to the privations the Japanese population suffered during and after the war.) he most widely distributed Japanese bike of this era was sold under the name Royce Union.

(1) direct dating of zircons selected by LA-ICPMS without conventional resin-mounting/polishing, (2) high speed U-Pb dating, combined with conventional sample preparation procedures using the new equipment with multiple-ion counting detectors (LA-MIC-ICPMS).


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