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Teens at the Summit pointed out that this is part of the #relationshipgoals fallacy; that happy couples have somehow succeeded at something that single people haven’t.Toiell Washington, an intern with the Start Strong program (which facilitated a workshop at the Summit), told , “I think especially adults think that teen relationships aren’t serious, and therefore they feel like stuff like abuse doesn’t go on in teen relationships, and it actually does.” Our society has immense trouble with discovering and prosecuting emotional and physical domestic abuse, so it stands to reason that teenage abuse between partners, which can happen largely online, is too ephemeral for authorities to fully grasp.If your boyfriend wants to post selfies of you two together all the time, does it mean they’re happy about dating you, or are they insecure and trying to use you as a social media prop?

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No one can say for sure, but Boston’s public health officials think we need to head off unhealthy behaviors in teens before their online abuse becomes a widespread epidemic.

This month we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary since meeting on Oasis!

Boston, a notably progressive city in many ways, considers damaging social media posts about dating and break-ups a public health issue, so the Summit is hosted by the Boston Public Health Commission.

2017’s 8th Annual Breakup Summit was held in July, hosting hundreds of young people, all of whom had different ideas about what’s okay to post about a partner or an ex-partner.For those who can’t make it to a Sugar Baby Summit, we’ve got you covered!Our 2016 Los Angeles Sugar Baby Summit has been packaged for video streaming.Although most of us understand this, we still scroll through our friends’ feeds and accept the information as truth.If our friend is seemingly always out to dinner with their girlfriend, eating trendy food and smiling together, we often assume that’s the full story and that they’re truly as happy as they appear.To young people, this stuff matters a great deal, and yet there are no regular answers for behavioral questions.

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