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“The good thing is she already thinks I’m the Sexiest Man Alive,” says the 44-year-old, who has been dating Hashian for nearly ten years.He adds of her reaction, “She’s going to yell loudly, she’s going to scream.” Johnson and singer/songwriter Hashian, who have a daughter, Jasmine, 11 months — have “the greatest relationship,” because they know how to make each other laugh, Johnson says.And after she confessed to sending him tweets “all the time”, Dwayne has responded with his own messages of support.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson won the title of Sexiest Man Alive long ago — at least, in girlfriend Lauren Hashian‘s mind.

The actor — who’s officially 2016’s hottest star — tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that Hashian is definitely “going to freak” about his new designation, but certainly won’t be surprised.

“I’ve been there, I have been in a dark place, and if there’s one thing she needs it is to talk things out, because nobody should be suffering in silence.

“Talking it through and not going through it alone is half the battle won.” Since it emerged Davina was splitting from Matthew after 17 years, the former Big Brother host has been spending hours working out in the gym. The thing with getting in shape is it takes real focus. “I’m literally sending him messages all the time, I’m thinking: ‘Persist, persist! “I just think he’s a nice guy, a really nice guy, great, positive energy.” Davina even joked that she’d like to MARRY Dwayne.

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After a five-year romance with Cristiano Ronaldo,the next guy who came along for Irina Shayk would clearly have a lot to live up to…

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