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Only 37% of Mississippi residents say gay and lesbian people should be allowed to marry legally, while roughly four in ten Americans living in Alabama (41%), Arkansas (42%), South Carolina (44%), and Louisiana (44%) say the same.More than six in ten (61%) Americans allowing small business owners to refuse to provide products or services to gay or lesbian people, if doing so would violate their religious beliefs. There is no religious group in which a majority favors allowing small business owners to refuse services to gay and lesbian people.Generational differences also remain wide, though support among older generations also is on the rise: 74% of Millennials (now ages 18 to 36) and 65% of Generation Xers (ages 37 to 52) now support same-sex marriage, compared with 56% of Baby Boomers (ages 53 to 71) and 41% of those in the Silent Generation (ages 72 to 89). Surveys conducted by Gallup over the past year find that about one-in-ten LGBT Americans (10.2%) are married to a same-sex partner, up from the months before the high court decision (7.9%).

Same-sex marriage garners majority support among Americans of most racial and ethnic backgrounds, but enduring political divisions persist.

With the exception of West Virginia (37% support), support for same-sex marriage is lowest across the deep South.

Among black Protestants, 44% favor same-sex marriage (50% oppose).

And while just 35% of white evangelical Protestants favor same-sex marriage, this is more than double the level of a decade ago (14% in 2007).

In 2015, white Americans (55%) were somewhat less likely than Hispanic (66%) and black Americans (67%) to oppose religiously based service refusals.

Today, nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans say the immigration system should allow immigrants currently living in the country illegally to become citizens provided they meet certain requirements; 15% prefer allowing immigrants living in the country illegally to become permanent legal residents but not citizens; and another 16% say these immigrants should be identified and deported.

Republicans largely reject the idea that black Americans face a great deal of discrimination today.

Fewer than one-third (32%) of Republicans believe blacks face a lot of discrimination in society, compared to roughly two-thirds (65%) who say they do not.

Among white Americans, perceptions of discrimination differ starkly by age and education and more modestly by gender.

More than six in ten (63%) white young adults (age 18-29) agree blacks face a considerable amount of discrimination, while fewer than half (43%) of white seniors (age 65 or older) agree.

Differences are particularly pronounced among religious groups.


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