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Plantzos, A Companion to Greek Art (Malden, MA and Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell) 39-61 @Paspalas, S. (2012) ‘Greek Decorated Pottery II: Regions and Workshops’, in T. Plantzos, A Companion to Greek Art (Malden, MA and Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell) 62-104 Rasmussen, T. (1991) Looking at Greek Vases (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) Sparkes, B. (1999) Ancient Greek Pottery (Oxford: Ashmolean Museum) [NK 3840. In what ways can natural disasters be of benefit to the archaeologist? (2006) 'New Carbon Dates Support Revised History of Ancient Mediterranean', Science 312: 508-509. (2002) (ed.) Pompeii (New York : Riverside Book Co.) De Carolis, E.

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Studies in Greek Pottery (London: Routledge) Vickers, M. The Life of a Roman Town (London: Profile) Coarelli , F. (1994) Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum (Princeton, N. Is it fair to claim that archaeological dating became feasible once natural sciences became involved?

(2013) Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum (London: British Museum Press) Wallace-Hadrill, A.

El aparente conflicto entre el registro arqueológico y los resultados del radiocarbono se resuelve al considerar el contexto y la integridad de las muestras radiocarbonicas, asi como el carácter probabilistico del método del radiocarbono.

Una considerable dispersión de los resultados del fechado puede ocurrir inclusive en ocupaciones relativamente breves, arrojando dudas sobre la interpretación acrítica de los resultados radiocarbónicos.

TL and OSL are known as 'electron trap' techniques.

Some natural materials such as various stones and soils (and also things made from them, such as pottery and stone tools) absorb or 'trap' naturally occurring electrons from their surroundings.

(1986) Development of the Attic Black-Figure, Revised edition (Berkeley: University of California Press) Boardman, J. A Handbook (London: Thames and Hudson) Boardman, J.

A Handbook (London: Thames and Hudson) Boardman, J. Continuity and innovation in the development of a figurative language’, in: Theater outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy, ed. Bosher (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press): pp.

The archaeological record of Childers, a Late Woodland site in eastern North America, and inferences concerning its occupational history are evaluated here against radiocarbon dates from the site.


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