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[ columnist Mandy Stadtmiller: "The comments on Gawker have taught me to try to look less like I'm Renee Zellweger with Down's Syndrome. See, I always thought I looked like Jenna Elfman with epilepsy." Why are you people so , and it proves yet again that men are only after one thing.

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But, as is the way in this love-starved city, romance never lasts.

New York magazine columnist Mandy Stadtmiller has landed a book deal about her failed romantic relationships that date back to her time as a Northwestern University student.

She also (I just checked the original note she sent me) brought up how tall I was because she said she had a couch I could stay on that was limited to someone who was 5'7". I think she then talked about how men treated her based on her looks, saying they expected a dominatrix-type role, so I said what do you look like? Cool, whatever, I'm not the one who brought it up.

2) It was pretty clear she was a little out there, so I got off the phone as quickly as I could, but then she called me up soon after. She had a great opportunity for me to invest in a play she was putting up.

There is no such denial about the inspiration for one of Mc Avoy's romantic interests.

In a post for the website XOJane.com, Mandy Stadtmiller writes that she is the inspiration for the gossip reporter in the fourth episode of , and promptly slipped him her card. During one of their nights out, Stadtmiller -- dressed in a new Saks Fifth Avenue dress -- told Sorkin about a "takedown" piece she was writing about former Bethenny Frankel.

The memoir "Unwifeable" -- the same name as her weekly New York column -- is due out next year, Simon and Schuster imprint Gallery Books announced this week.

Stadtmiller, 41, studied journalism at Northwestern from 1993-97.

The first time you have spicy drunken noodles, you're convinced it's your favorite dish, but then you have the pad Thai, and you realize there are other options." (Oh, in case you're scoring at home, she and her preppy boyfriend are still so totally in looooooove.) [ dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller's super preppy boyfriend kind of tells her he loves her! [ dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller, running out of ways to tell you how amazing her new boyfriend is, resorts to the tactic of dishing on exes.

You'll be shocked to learn that her last boytoy was a biter.

"I asked you what you were working on and you told me about the take down piece and I got preachy and condescending (so unusual for me) and instead of being insulted, defensive or telling me to go f--- myself, you said that you understood completely but that it was your job.

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