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However, many new infections in this region occur through contact with HIV-infected individuals from other regions.The adult (15–49) prevalence in this region is 0.3% with between 570,000 and 890,000 people currently living with HIV.

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But Olly, I pictured the type of person who would fall in love with Maddie and that's how Olly came about.

He's sort of attracted to her because he has such a dark home life and is kind of cynical about that.

So you sort of already said it, but do you think that organizations like We Need Diverse Books help get more stories out? I think that we just need publishing to reflect the numbers in the worlds.

There are lots of black people and lots of Asian people and I don't think that publishing quite reflects that and it needs to.

Imagine being grounded -- not being able to leave the house, see your friends, or visit your favorite places. In Nicola Yoon's new young adult novel, , this is the story of main character Madeline's life. For me, it's really about all of the risks you take for love and whether or not those risks are worth it, whether or not love is worth it. I mean, I started writing when I first had my daughter and I was totally worried about everything with her, like "Oh, she's gonna get a cold, she's gonna fall down," so I really related to the parts with [Maddie's Mom].

Allergic to literally most of the world, Madeline has only known her sterile house, mother and nurse. I chatted with author Nicola about the book, love and taking risks: A fun question I like to ask is about the books or stories they wrote before the one that got published. I actually wrote one book before, which I might come back to one day, but it just isn't ready for anyone to see at all right now. But I still like some of the ideas in it, so one day. Because, I feel like, everyone has been in love or loved someone or something just so much that it takes over your life. I think that first started worrying about it when I met my husband, because I'm totally, totally in love with him. And when I first met him, I was like "oh my gosh, this is the one." And then I started wondering what would happen if he got hit by a car or something terrible happening. Love in all of its forms, and the risk that you take by being in love and whether it's worth it. So what types of stories would you like to see more in YA over the next few years?

So it was practical, because her mom needed work and she needed someone to be there, but also, you know, show another perspective. Did you outline him, or did he sort of just come to you as you went on?

I had a pretty good idea -- I don't like to outline that much.

So her agency is to try everyday, like 'I'm gonna try to make the best of it.

I'm going to take the world.' That's why she draws the world, it's her way to understand it.

So Olly really started out as who would fall in love with Maddy, who would find her charming. Everything, Everything, out September 1st from Random House, has been honored as a Book Expo America Young Adult Buzz Panel selection, Indies Introduce Debut selection, No.

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