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I’d probably be one of them weirdos sleeping on the sidewalk.” ICP enjoys touring in smaller markets. You never know—you might love the shit out of it.” After we say our goodbyes, I listen to Lost single “Vomit,” in which Beelzebub throws up on the faces of hell’s newest residents as they enter his dimension.

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In fact, “Confederate Flag” was a continuation of “Your Rebel Flag,” released in the early ‘90s.

“We said, we gotta make another one about that,” says Shaggy.

It goes beyond parodic fascination, though; after a long battle, the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals finally ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by ICP after the FBI wrongfully labeled Juggalos a violent gang.

I scroll through some photos from the last Gathering of the Juggalos, a festival/family reunion for ICP fans.

I can’t speak for all artists, but when we’re in the studio, you feel that shit.

You feel the lyrics, you feel the beats, you feel everything.

Why don’t you go drive out to a Tigers game in downtown Detroit and see how people do it there?

You got big balls out here, let’s see if you get a little closer.” The flag issue runs deep in ICP culture; the group has a tradition of throwing a rebel flag-draped scarecrow into the audience during their hit “Chicken Huntin’” and encouraging their fans to rip it to shreds.

Even more enthralling than white dudes rapping about eviscerating rednecks and marveling at nature’s wonders? Named after the 1992 ICP track “The Juggla,” Juggalos and their world are a pop culture obsession to outsiders.


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