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He preaches the doctrine that by focusing on culture, everything else falls into place. Just as corporate mottos can be infused into the culture of a business, so a family or personal motto can work its way into the very DNA of our personal lives and family culture as well.

If true of a company, why not a family or personally for yourself? Mottos act in many ways like mini sermons, rallying support, instructing values, teaching shared vision, inspiring action.

I’m a deeply religious man, so God and religion is not what I’m talking about.

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Let your motto become expressions of your character.

And let your character be informed by the words you use to express it.

Minimally, they are less effective than they would otherwise be.

But if they are used as little reminders of larger lessons taught, they can be powerful tools indeed. But it is, perhaps, the one that most deeply conveys my thoughts and heart and my philosophy of life.

Repeating a phrase over and over again creates emotional and moral dissonance if we never live by the phrases we use.

If our lives remain indefinitely out of whack with our words, we become caricatures, hypocrites who are no longer taken seriously.In other words, mottos can be powerful tools in your life to help you navigate your way through the clutter and noise out there in pop culture and elsewhere.They can also be powerful ways to communicate profound principles of human behavior to loved ones and others.So when I came to realize that unless forfeited to others, I was in control of my emotions, my reactions, my attitude, the pursuit of my dreams and happiness, I enthusiastically picked up the reins and began steering. I accept the idea that no one “makes” me happy or unhappy, that happiness is a byproduct of how I think, believe and live. But it also inspires me to grow and strive to be increasingly true to that motto at the same time.I fall short of its principle, but I work toward its ideal.Our lives then become the excuse others use to discount what we say.


  1. It survived the 1968 riots, and it survived the construction of the Green Line Metro Station, bringing gentrification and skyrocketing property value with it.

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