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The changes that make a girl into a woman are the very ones that lower her WHR.More than any other single thing it shows that she is healthy and fertile.Discussing her childrens' careers - daughter Willow starred alongside her famous father in zombie film I Am Legend, Pinkett Smith said it was inevitable that they would follow in their famous parents footsteps.'The two creatures that Will and I are - it was just given that we are going to create children that want to be in the industry.'Jaden already won for me...

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I do not believe it: white men in North America from about 1945 to 1980 clearly preferred women well below 0.68. After all, Twiggy, at the upper end of Singh’s range of beauty, seemed shockingly thin in the 1960s – even to white people.

But now that has become what white American women – far more so than white men – think is beautiful.

For example, Jennifer Lopez is 86-58-87 cm, so her WHR is 58/87 or 0.67.

For women, a low WHR, like 0.65, gives them more of an hourglass figure.

Jada and her husband, actor Will Smith, are producers of the Tony-nominated musical Fela!

which will soon debut at London's National Theatre and the remake of The Karate Kid which stars son Jaden.

BMI only takes into account overall weight, not where it is. For women a WHR above 0.80 is dangerous, while for men anything more than 0.95 is bad news.

Here are the black women that English-speaking black people think are the most beautiful (See below for how I came up with this list): Halle Berry (9 lists) – an American film actress, the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress.

Other winners on the night included Lil Wayne's protege Nicki Minaj, who took Best Female Hip-Hop artist, Alicia Keys who took Best Album and Single and Drake, who took Best Male Hip-Hop.

Waist to hip ratio, or WHR, compares the size of your waist to your hips.

Because it is so easy to measure it has been used in studies of health, beauty and even intelligence.

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