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Plus, if someone seems too perfect then think again, because no one is.

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It’s not easy and it comes with challenges that make them almost give up.

So, here are some notable movies and their advices about the dating world.

As they move on with their lives, they are again brought together and this time it may be their chance.

Well, the movie is about two people taking their chances.

One is a man who wants to play around and just enjoy life.

Just when she thinks she can just break it off, he clings to her like glue.

A woman, who just broke up with her boyfriend, starts to date again and finds the perfect guy.

Lesson: Don’t date too soon after a break-up, give yourself time to heal and reflect.

However, this time, he finds himself in a position he thought he would never be in.

But they could turn into something romantic someday.

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