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A selection of over one million crime scene photographs have been hibernating in the halls of Los Angeles' City Records Center, concealing away fragments of the city's blood-stained history in a 47,000-square-foot repository.

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Morton descended upon the collection 13 years ago, spending hours poring over the macabre negatives, housed in cardboard crates, in an effort to preserve the most compelling works.

He managed to save the collection from destruction when the L. Fire Department discovered the negatives posed a safety hazard.

(About 1,600 photographs (selection from full collection).) Date:1860 - 1934 Cartoon Drawings: Herblock Collection A representative sample of original drawings by Herbert L.

Block ("Herblock"), an editorial cartoonist who worked primarily at the Washington Post.

Some of the images are copy negatives of photographs which date as early as 1864.

The images are organized into six series (1) Corporate bodies, (2) Geographic places, (3) Events, (4) Portraits, (5) Things, and (6) Miscellaneous-sized negatives.

The collection contains images of AT&T, Atlanta Gas Light Company, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Eastern Air Lines, Rich's, Shriners Yaarab Temple, and the Southeastern Fair while other images illustrate the development of Atlanta's transportation system.

During World War II, the studio produced photographic documentation of the Works Progress Administration, the Office of Price Administration, the Office of Civilian Defense, and the United Service Organization.

(More than 350 cartoons; selection from full collection of more than 14,300 original drawings; records being added.) Date:1929 - 2001 Cartoon Drawings: Swann Collection of Caricature and Cartoon Cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations by various artists.


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