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Some are blaming a lack of leadership on Conte, others imply Roman Abramovich could be more proactive, and the lack of clarity over who's currently making the decisions and doesn't augur well for a successful title defense. Within the floor there were sing-alongs, flags along with a parade of heroes out of Brighton and Hove Albion past geeing up the atmosphere.

He found a solution everyone knew and took over a team. The consensus is that Mourinho has a team capable of playing. All match did not stop and the players matched the supporters' efforts.

"Generally I do not like to pursue impossible targets," the United manager clarified before the West Ham game.

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Brighton might have been given a milder first class at English football's top table.

Maybe a Watford or Huddersfield or Burnley or so the stereotype would have it.

"Last season I was sitting here after the Sunderland game and you said: ' You're the favourites, many beautiful, handsome and nice guys in the league.' "OK, we take what the folks say but all we need to try is to enhance and enhance." The rate of the attacking patterns is a place that he wishes to tweak, and it was noteworthy how many energetic players were in reserve.

What a seat -- Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling and Leroy Sané came on for cameos that were overdue.

So widely anticipated that Chelsea might have let the grass grow under their feet and didn't anticipate a strike being made by United. -- and ended up purchasing one who wasn't trusted to begin on an opening day too clearly a goal that was second-choice and Álvaro Morata and has seemed to be unhappy with his employers.

Matic had as much to do with this as anybody, and it's most likely worth bearing in mind that Mourinho was being connected with Eric Dier for the majority of the summer since he initially imagined the Serb would be off limits.

All of this makes sense, however, what is equally undeniable is that United was thrilled to property Matic, a participant José Mourinho knows well, and that combined with Romelu Lukaku both new signings made exceptionally promising debuts in the first match of the season at Old Trafford.

Lukaku, don't forget, was initially a Chelsea player and has been widely expected to return to Stamford Bridge when he left Everton.

It seems the problems are back and the foggier than ever. There was no way Brighton were going to allow their Premier League debut and they pass by.


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