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It was Candy's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor.

In order to get insurance they had to make sure she was completely healthy. She gets her breasts checked, then a complete vaginal and rectal examination.

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The Doctor was really turned on by how beautiful Christina was and she could barely keep her hands off her . Jackie went to her gynecologist for her yearly examination.

She stripped off her clothing and prepared for the exam.

She shoves his cock deep into her mouth then allows the Doc to fuck her hot wet pussy and then to top it off she wanted and needed him in her tight ass hole!

What a hell of a yearly exam for Amanda, one she will never forget!

Linda visits a sexy Gynecologist for her first examination.

Her doctor tells her to strip down her clothing then has all her vitals checked.

She strips down and he does he regular exam of her ears, throat, breast.

Amanda was so turned on by this that she wanted him inside her at any cost!

Most people tend to use the front door when it comes to tricks or treats on Halloween, but Farrah Abraham's going around the back. Her last show was hugely successful, drawing 80,000 onlookers which caused the site to crash.

Farrah's signed on for another live porn show for Cam Soda the day before Halloween but with a literal twist ... Cam Soda expects even more people to tune into Farrah's anal cam show on October 30 and says they'll be getting extra support to prevent the site from going down again.

did a pap test, and then she used her fingers to feel around Gracie's tight asshole. Amanda went to the doctors for her yearly exam but her regular female doctor wasn't in.

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