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Becky is a beautiful brunette who visited the Doctor for her yearly examination.

The Doctor started off giving her a very thorough examination. Next she gave her a gyno exam followed by a deep anal examination. The doctor starts off with her vitals then has her strip down. exams her breast and finds it to be a cyst and not a tumor.

The Doctor was really turned on by how beautiful Christina was and she could barely keep her hands off her . Jackie went to her gynecologist for her yearly examination.

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She checks Nicole's perfect perky breasts, then has her turn over to receive a nice deep anal exam!

She gets a deep thermometer insertion as well as a finger inserted in her ass.

She then had her temp checked via her tasty butt hole!

Welcome all to my world where a typical suburban Atlanta PTA Mom with Natural Big Tits, has a true wild side of a Hardcore Creampie Swinger and a Extreme Fetish Slut.

Most people tend to use the front door when it comes to tricks or treats on Halloween, but Farrah Abraham's going around the back. Her last show was hugely successful, drawing 80,000 onlookers which caused the site to crash.

Farrah's signed on for another live porn show for Cam Soda the day before Halloween but with a literal twist ... Cam Soda expects even more people to tune into Farrah's anal cam show on October 30 and says they'll be getting extra support to prevent the site from going down again.

Tammy had to get a medical checkup after she started her new job.

The Doctor checks all of her vital signs then gives her a gyno and rectal examination.

The doctor started off taking all of her vitals, then checked over her body really thoroughly.

She had her breasts examined, then received a gyno exam followed by a deep tushy checkup!

It was Candy's annual gyno exam so she went and met with her doctor.

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