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It was that time of year where Gracie needed her exam, she gets to the Dr's and the Dr.

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She then places her finger inside Linda's wet vagina .

Following her gyno exam she has her temperature checked rectally. It's Nicole's yearly exam and she is very nervous to get a checkup.

Linda visits a sexy Gynecologist for her first examination.

Her doctor tells her to strip down her clothing then has all her vitals checked.

This busty blond needed to get her yearly checkup so she goes to the doctor thinking it was going to be only a routine exam, but with the new medical guide lines she found out she would be probed! checks her lungs ears tits, then moves down and shoves her gloved finger deep inside her wet pussy!

She then was bent over and another finger shoved into her tight asshole!

The Doctor was really turned on by how beautiful Christina was and she could barely keep her hands off her . Jackie went to her gynecologist for her yearly examination.

She stripped off her clothing and prepared for the exam.

She then begins her exam checking her firm breast then moves to her back and finds nothing wrong! This busty blond found a lump under her breast and was scared to death. So she starts her other exam and has her bend over, she then sticks her fingers and speculum deep inside her pussy, she then has her lay on her tummy and she shoves her finger deep into her tight butt hole!

The doctor then inserts the spectulm inside her tight pussy. Watch the entire movie to see this steamy X-rated exam!

Becky is a beautiful brunette who visited the Doctor for her yearly examination.


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