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And, they're gonna barrage you with constant questions — 'what should we wear?

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"Texas Tech as an institution, they hide behind some nuance Texas state law called sovereign immunity that allows them to flat out cheat you out of the contract and it's ridiculous," Leach said.

"I think people are tired of it and I want to expose as much of it as I possibly can, so that's part of what this whole effort is."Leach coached the Red Raider Football Team for ten years, all coming to an abrupt end in 2009.

' 'I don't care.' 'What should we have for dessert?

' 'I don't care.' 'Should we sit this way, or that way?

Mike Leach resurfaced old wounds about his public termination from Texas Tech University after he claimed the University still owed the remainder of his contract.

He has hired a team out of Houston to investigate his case in hopes of getting what he said is owed.

A Pac-12 North title and a date with USC in the Pac-12 Championship are on the line. But a reporter getting married in 9 days asked @Coach_Leach for wedding advice tonight, and Leach’s answer was incredible.

But don’t let that stop Washington State head coach Mike Leach from dishing out some on-point wedding advice to a reporter.

He was accused of mistreating player Adam James by putting him in a dark room after getting a head concussions on the field. The trainer told him to go stand over in a parking garage."Now as the head coach for Washington State University, he said he is determined to get the remainder of his contract after the most successful season for Texas Tech football.

Shortly after, the University issued a termination for the head coach. "Then in his deposition, Adam James said he was never harmed and that he thought it was funny and so he was never harmed. Leach and his representative Wayne Dolcifino told Everything they are investigating and will expose wrongdoing at the university.

Rather than accepting his suspension and moving on, he chose to sue Texas Tech, making it clear that not only was he unrepentant for his actions, but that he was unwilling to cooperate with Texas Tech regarding student-athlete safety. The courts decided this case years ago, and there is nothing more to add."Dolcifino and his team were in the Hub City Saturday during the TTU Homecoming game to rally fans together in support of Leach.


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