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Attribute/Distribution: NS An investigation of how cold climates and the associated processes of glaciation and periglacial activity have left their imprint on the Earth.Attribute/Distribution: NS Investigations of polar exploration and science, the environment at high latitudes, and cultures of the Arctic, as well as discussion of issues related to understanding interactions among extreme environments, global change, pollution, and indigenous cultures. May be combined with EES 022 or EES 004 for 4 credits.

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The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) is Lehigh’s home for teaching and research in the areas of ecology, environmental science, and geological sciences.

Matters of environmental quality and natural resources will increasingly impact people and society in the years to come, and the EES department offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs that provide students with an understanding of Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere, with an emphasis on how these components function as an integrated Earth system. The EES graduate program is marked by close faculty-student collaboration.

Catastrophic geologic processes (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides), pollution of geologic systems, and engineering case studies.

May be combined with EES 022 or EES 004 for 4 credits.

In recent years, students have played a role in research in the Himalaya, Alaska, California, Idaho, Argentina, and Italy, in addition to more nearby sites in the mid-Atlantic states.

We strongly encourage all EES majors to take advantage of the special field programs and opportunities made available by the department.

Attribute/Distribution: NS Laboratory course in methods, data acquisition, data analyses and scientific communication relevant to Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Building on the framework of the “Earth Science Literacy Initiative” the course introduces students to the foundations of the scientific method, the basic concepts of the Earth systems, and the influence and interaction of the natural world in everyday life.

To help ensure this, the College of Arts and Sciences requires each student to complete at least one writing intensive course and receive certification from the instructor of that course.

is the designated writing intensive course in EES and fulfills the junior writing requirement.

The focus on the course will be weekly discussions based on assigned readings.


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