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Not only did he serve as mayor, but he has been, is, and, we all hope, will continue to be involved with an impressive number of nonprofit orga- nizations, as well as being a ready volunteer for civic groups. Austin, TX 78744 Fronn 1-35 take Ben White/71 E towards the airport. Michael Simpson Give KUT Back to Students Dear Editor, Hello, my name is Robert Flores, and I'm responding to the article about the future of KUT ["Getting on the KUTting Edge," News, Nov. I am the current program director for KSYM at San Antonio College in San Antonio. A CHRISTMAS CAROL ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE is the possibly multiple-personality-disordered Rob Nash performing Dickens' classic through scarily spot-on impersonations of Mae West, Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and the like. As long as I've even known of him, Bruce Todd has always been ready and willing to devote his time, wisdom, and energy in service of the community. My opinions about the article are purely my own and not the station's. I wonder what kind of critic Jim Caligiuri is, once he leaves no other option for the public than to avoid listening to this the Gene Pool CD. How one man can be so talented, one show so delightfully twisted, only Santa knows for sure - and Nash probably has him locked in a dungeon somewhere.

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The official Travis County autopsy doesn't tell the whole story BY JORDAN SMITH ARTS 39 Kong Hits the Airwaves; the Rudes Go Back to Where They Started; and UT Theatre & Dance Serves Kids Two Donuts DANCE 40 LARKIN'S JOURNEY New York choreographer Regina Larkin keeps coming back to Ballet East BY PATTI HADAD 42 AFTER A FASHION There s trouble in Nick & Jessica's paradise, and who are the Butthole Sniffers?!

FOOD 44 TO TASTE Cookbooks, from Hidden Kitchens to Chocolate Obsession FOOD-O-FILE The Mercury rises 48 RESTAURANT ROULETTE Recently reviewed, plus a spin around our Restaurant Guide @Oweb extra For this week's Web extras and more Web exclusives, go to: SCREENS 53 SXSW Presents: Prize Whores; DVD Watch: Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge; and Film News FILM 54 OTAKU OVERLOAD!!! TWO DONUTS UT's Department of Theatre & Dance, under the direction of Coleman Jennings, presents this fantastical, Spanish-spiced tale by Jose Cruz Gonzales.

Their mother, who has mental issues, left a cryptic note on the table and vanished from their lives without a trace. One among four children in the US lives in a situation of food insecurity.

In 30 years, the price of healthy foods went up 40 %, while processed foods became 40 % cheaper. A montage of numerous scenes portraying children throughout the history of world cinema, selected with a very personal and ludic touch by film critic turned director Mark Cousins. After turning 21, Tim finds out that the men in his family have the ability to travel through time.

133 FREE WILL ASTROLOGY Dr Brezsny and his wonderful, whimsical world of zodiacal self-determination 137 THE COMMON LAW Unsolicited items in the mail - what happens if the item is for someone else? THE TOYS TAKE OVER CHRISTMAS is performed by the award-winning Second Youth Family Theatre for the holiday enjoyment of kids ages 4 and older.

138 CAR TALK Can we agree on the stupidity of touch screens in cars? in*- i^Jc."j«- jina id ■■ 1 p |r I.- 1^1 frirt W.-" ffl W SWISS WATCHES IN STOCK ^l ARl ING AT ■ BAUME^NSRCl EA - HLU£K - y Hill LN^ - LU^ HUA - - m^^i t.m't - ^^Hl^i mfl Russell Ko RMAH * ^ f INE Jli Wli LRV WATCHES ^rpp Gi FUWdpping ■■ Ompf llmi ■ E«r^ay Lpw Prkes'Siniel STl NORTH WEST CORNER OF 3Sth # LAMAR .451-9292 • WWW. COM t/fe of amber ] fwm THE TURQUOISE DOOR 1 208 SOUTH CONGRESS AVENUE 41 6-71 00 OPEN DAILY DECEMBER 2, 2005 | THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE | 9 PAGE TW^ FROM P.8 diagnosis is acute kidney failure most likely due to lithium poisoning. Even though he cannot alter the course of History, he can still change the events of his life. In 2004, acclaimed French Filmmaker Catherine Breillat suffered a stroke which left the left side of her body paralyzed.Three years later, she meets Christophe Rocancourt, a notorious con-artist. The work of NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders and the International Committee of the Red Cross in war zones in Somalia, Afghanistan and the Congo are delicate operations which demand bravery of the...We currently offer a variety of Ongoing Weekly Classes and Special Event Series and more. We can’t wait to have you on the Broadway Bodies stage – where we have fun and it’s not about getting it right.HD DELIBE IN-^S DAY OF ANIME APPROACHES by M Vol* 2S No, 14 ^ austific Fi Tonic Le^com Ik- u f VN»ATi ©ODD flg^ Ojg© [a]®ODateff a®@B ragi}! (, in advance from IVIitchie's Fine Black Art Gallery), 142 PERSONALS 143 THE LUV DOC A rambling recommendation to shore up your social calendar (w O 'About AIDS' online: Recovery from HIV: news or rumor? POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Austin Chronicle, PO Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765. As of today he's been unconscious for a week." Daniel has been a friend since he first came to Austin in the mid-Eighties, though the rela- tionship has always been complex and often difficult. UBU TRILOGY Zach Scott's Performing Arts students, under the direction of the irrepress- ible Jon Watson, present copious excerpts from Alfred Jarry's absurdist classic, with all sorts of added Dada thrills.


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