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"You wouldn't ask 'why does Call of Duty work as a boxed release?

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Fox TV and film studio and Casting Networks had planned a slow rollout, with the aim to have the system up and running completely and glitch-free by pilot season.

Instead, the platform went live right away last Monday, before it was ready, leading to the slew of problems.

A shockwave went through the casting community November 13.

After calling its casting directors on Friday, November 10, Fox followed up with an email Monday to tell them that effective November 20, 2017, Fox “will be using Casting Networks (in partnership with Cast It Systems) exclusively for the distribution of project materials, including project briefs, role descriptions, and other casting-related information.” The same day, at PM, Marsh, founder and owner of Breakdown Services, which has been creating and distributing breakdowns on behalf of all networks and studios for free for the past 41 years, received a brief email from Liz Paulson, 20th TV SVP Casting, confirming to him that the company was going with a new provider.

The game will also feature the Horizons expansion and 1,000 Frontier points.

Both games arrive a little after their original digital launch, and although Williams acknowledges that this can still be a successful model, he does recommend releasing at physical retail at the same time as on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and other digital marketplaces."In our experience, hitting day-and-date, where possible is always more advantageous," he says.

Asked why the company did not spend more time preparing Casting Networks and integrating it with Cast It before the Fox deal was announced — so the company would be ready in case Breakdown Services pulled the plug — he said, “I don’t think we were prepared for everyone to be shut off their existing platform.

That’s certainly not the way we intend to treat our customers.” Marsh said he removed all Fox breakdowns from his service because he perceived the email from the Fox TV and film studios, which he described as “terse,” as a termination letter.

Williams says he is proud to have the 'best of Britsoft' as part of the company's line-up, and believes it is well placed to capitalise on the recent evolutions within the digital and indie marketplace."We wish to keep laying the ground for a fresh restructuring of the industry, one that returns emphasis to the publishing functions that were trampled underfoot in the initial indie gold-rush and, into the bargain, helps to provide consumers with clearer assurances of quality," Williams says.

UPDATED: There is a potentially seismic shift underway in the theatrical casting software business, which for decades had been dominated by Gary Marsh’s Breakdown Services.

The company has stepped away from work-for-hire projects in recent years and has moved to publishing its own IP.

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