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In the competition for dominance among males, females are the ultimate prize.

Recall that a constant theme of human history is that women are the spoils of war.

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When you conquer another people, you take their women.

But the revenge motive is also critical and often difficult to separate from the desire to dominate.

The same dynamic is going on throughout the West as a result of African and Muslim migration.

Especially in the UK we read of grooming gangs that exploit White girls, unprecedented levels of rape and other forms of sexual assault.

In other words, the war against “rural backwardness and religion” was exactly the sort of war that a traditional Jew would have supported wholeheartedly, because it was a war against everything they hated and thought of as oppressing them. There can be little doubt that Lenin’s contempt for “the thick-skulled, boorish, inert, and bearishly savage Russian or Ukrainian peasant” was shared by the vast majority of shtetl Jews prior to the Revolution and after it.

Those Jews who defiled the holy places of traditional Russian culture and published anti-Christian periodicals doubtless reveled in their tasks for entirely Jewish reasons, and, as Gorky worried, their activities not unreasonably stoked the anti-Semitism of the period.

He ran Oscars campaigns like they used to in Old Hollywood.

And he harassed women not necessarily to use them as instruments of his pleasure, but to use them as instruments of his power.

Edmund Connelly’s article on Harvey Weinstein and the shiksa phenomenon discusses revenge as a motive.


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