Dating sims for ps2

How to get it on: Have two involved Sims go on a date to the local movie theater.Once inside, the option to Woo Hoo should appear when you click on the theater. Youre on a date, the movie is boring, so you find other ways to occupy your time in the theater.

And theres always a chance your Sims might get busted and thrown out onto the street, with your Sims nudity exposed in all its pixilated glory. How to get it on: Just like the military base, Woo Hooing in this rabbit hole requires two lovers to tour it together.

Why its great: The thrill of Woo Hooing in public can provide huge mood boosts to your Sims, provided they dont get caught.

] and keep clicking 'More...' until you find the button that says 'Make me Alien Pregnant'.

This seem's like a really complicated cheat but trust me, it isn't.

Some might say that its a totally vanilla Woo Hoo location, but it has its advantages.

For one thing, its comfortable; for another, its also really convenient for that post-Woo Hoo nap.

The science lab, most known for its willingness to experiment on local Sims dead and alive, makes an unlikely spot for romance, but maybe your Sims get turned on by potions and beakers.

And its about time those brainy scientists saw some action.

Do Bool Prop cheats [ctrl shift c at the same time, then type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'] shift click on the sim you would like to become pregnant and then keep clicking 'more...' until you find 'Spawn'.

Click on it and click 'Tombstone L and D', you will see a tombstone appear and then with the same sim click the tombstone [without shift!

Okay, maybe youd be better off Woo Hooing in the future.


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