Uk anonymous sex chat - Accepted reasons for backdating income support

Please note you cannot claim benefit more than 13 weeks in advance of liability occurring and you will only receive benefit when you have moved in.

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Set amounts are used for different needs, and are added together to reach the amount the law says you need to live on (your applicable amount).

Any income, worked out under Income Support rules, is deducted from your applicable amount.

In order to allow your claim to be backdated we must be satisfied that you have shown “good cause” for having failed to claim at an earlier time, and that this “good cause” has existed throughout the period of backdating requested.

We consider each request for backdating individually.

You are now allowed Income Support as any Child Support or Child Maintenance is now fully ignored by Income Support.

Your are due 93.10 weekly Less your earnings 92 weekly So your due 1.30 weekly Income Support. You are eligible for Income Support, as you are unfit for work; your applicable amount will be made up as follows.

If they are able to work or are signing on then the equivalent benefit is Income Based Jobseekers Allowancewhich is worked out in much the same way as Income Support. How to qualify for Income Support The applicant must be1 living and resident in the U.

K.2 be 16 or over and under Pension Age3 not be doing 16 or more hours of paid work, per week, (if you have a partner then they must not be doing 24 hours or more paid work per week) there are many people who are allowed to work over these hours and remain entitled to Income Support, Carers, Disabled, Childminders, etc seek advice.4 not be in full-time education, again many exceptions to this rule, e.g.

The first day of your entitlement to benefit will then depend on: You will need to tell us why you failed to make your claim earlier and tell us the date that you would like your benefit to be backdated to.

We can only backdate your claim by up to a maximum of up to six months, if you are less than 60 years old, or three months if you or your partner, are over 60 years old.

You must provide as much relevant information as possible to support your request.


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