starburst 2165 dating - Accepted reasons for backdating income support

However if you delay sending your claim to us, and we receive it more than a month after the date you claimed these State Benefits, your date of claim will be the day we received your claim.Your Housing and Council Tax Benefit will only start from the following Monday.

This will leave the amount of Income Support you are entitled to receive. I am a lone parent with four children aged 14, 12, 7, and 2, Iwork part time earning 92 weekly forworking 12 hours, I also have Child Tax Credits at 240 weekly and Child Support from my ex-partner at 200 weekly can I get Income Support?

I also pay full rent at 95 weekly and Full Council Tax at 20 weekly A.

If you are part of a couple and you do not fit into any of the above situations but your partner does then you could consider letting your partner become the claimant, Seek Advice.

How to work out your entitlement The amount of your Income Support entitlement depends on your income and capital, whether you have a partner or children, your ages, whether anyone in your family has a disability, or is a carer, and if you have certain eligible Housing costs.

Set amounts are used for different needs, and are added together to reach the amount the law says you need to live on (your applicable amount).

Any income, worked out under Income Support rules, is deducted from your applicable amount.

Please note you cannot claim benefit more than 13 weeks in advance of liability occurring and you will only receive benefit when you have moved in.

If you are approaching your 60th birthday you can claim benefit up to 17 weeks before your 60th birthday, and if you are under 18 years old, and expecting to be become liable for Council Tax, you can claim up to 8 weeks before your 18th birthday.

The first day of your entitlement to benefit will then depend on: You will need to tell us why you failed to make your claim earlier and tell us the date that you would like your benefit to be backdated to.

We can only backdate your claim by up to a maximum of up to six months, if you are less than 60 years old, or three months if you or your partner, are over 60 years old.

Or3 caring for a person who has or has claimed the middle or high rate care component of Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowanceor PIP Daily Living Component.


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