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My young cousin was ejected from his car and killed last year, and I’ve seen what his parents, sister, and our whole family have gone through in dealing with his death, especially knowing a seat belt may have prevented it. I think the key is to find the right moment when it looks like things are headed toward a relationship and before they get heavier than smooching.A: Seat belts do not cause more injuries than they prevent. You can show your friends any number of studies or reports on how many lives are saved each year by properly wearing seat belts; if you’re anxious about bringing up a personal story and making yourself unnecessarily vulnerable, you can simply stick to the facts. This probably means 1) fewer sex-only relationships, and 2) taking things quite slowly.

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He works from home, enjoys his work, and has many opportunities to make more money in the future.

I, however, work long hours at a job I thoroughly despise and commute for over an hour each way to make less than $35,000 a year.

Though she keeps her house as clean as possible, the very presence of these pets causes my daughter to sneeze, congest, and sometimes break out in hives. They’re only animals, after all, and her niece is family.

I’ve repeatedly asked Sally to either get rid of them or keep them outside during our visits, but Sally claims that though she loves her niece, she can’t keep her pets outside all weekend because the cats are “indoor only,” the dog is too little to stay outside, and coyotes are a danger. When she visits us she boards them or gets a sitter, so I don’t see why she can’t do the same when we visit. A: The most important thing to do here, I think, is to make sure you don’t let a conversation about reasonable accommodation turn into one about whether your sister’s pets “really count” as family.

My husband has suggested I quit my job or find a part-time gig and focus on my art. What is holding me back is that so many of my friends and family think this is a bad idea.

They say I will not succeed as an artist and will essentially be giving up on my career. A: If you want to give up on your career—and it sounds like you do, given that it pays badly, makes you miserable, and saddles you with a terrible commute—then I think you should probably, you know, give up on your career. : I’m a 23-year-old gay woman attempting a serious relationship for the first time.

She’s also suggested that my daughter take allergy medication, but I find that out of line. (I’m on your side in the sense that I think a human child’s health is paramount here, but I just don’t think it will be useful to turn this into a litigation on your respective reproductive choices.) It’s absolutely fair of you to say that the present situation is dangerous to your daughter’s health.

It’s also fair that your sister is anxious about leaving her dog outside for an entire weekend, especially if she lives in a coyote-heavy area.

I believe love and long-term romantic relationships should primarily be about care and support, and we’ve got bags of that. Lots of people are good people; that doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

At the same time, a dumb part of me wishes for swoony butterflies and googly eyes, for soulmates and destiny. It will of course be an additional complication for you to sort through what feelings come from your romantic ideals versus what feelings come from your natural inclination to spend a lot of time alone, but if the best things you feel about your girlfriend are all on paper, I think that’s a pretty good indicator that she is not the girlfriend for you. Seat belt safety: I recently overheard two co-workers talking and joking about not wearing a seat belt while in a car.

Any suggestions on how we can reach some kind of compromise? There’s plenty to be said about the dynamics undergirding the recent “tiny house” phenomenon, but the bottom line is that if you have even a few reservations about living in a miniature cabin somewhere totally removed from society with your boyfriend, please err on the side of caution and don’t do it.


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