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A spokesman for Ofcom also said it was 'looking into' Sky's cancellation process as a priority.

Rachael: It is a big saving but that is usually because you are losing certain packages that you get with Sky, because at the end of the day Virgin by their channels from us, so they can not continue to make it cheaper than us without it being more limited.

Please contact us back if this happens, and we can make sure everything is updated for you.

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Rachael: That is understandable, and you do not have to have the broadband in with the package, although very few people in the UK actually need 152mb, unless you have over a dozen computers in your house all downloading illegally, streaming and online gaming on multiple devices all at the same time.

Rachael: As I said, that is fine you don't need to have the Broadband with us to be able to get the TV, you are already aware of that because it is the set up you have at the moment.

They had already cancelled his service as a gesture of goodwill.

Last year, it emerged that Sky was reviewing its cancellation policy amid regular complaints from customers about being unable to leave the provider with ease.

However I am not discussing the cost just now, all I am trying to establish is what you do enjoy watching so that I can build a package that allows you to keep all the things you enjoy and then I will look at the overall cost.

So please leave the cost to one side and simply answer based on what you enjoy if cost wasn't an issue.

I'm not interested in listening to a sales pitch for 30 minutes.

But Rachael is adamant that what she is doing is necessary.

To that, Rachael responds: 'I am sorry you feel that way Gavin, I am not doing this to annoy you, I made it very clear that I would need to go through this for you before I could make any changes to your account and these are not stupid questions.

By the end of the conversation, a furious Mr Hackwood writes: 'I told you at the start I was not interested in this, BUT you continued to ignore the customer and bang on and on with countless useless messages. ''You can either remove the cancellation from the Movies and apply 31 days to the whole account, or you can wait until the Movies have been removed and then apply 31 days notice to the rest of your package.

You are unable to overlap the 2 cancellation periods.'Mr Hackwood said he later contacted Sky over what had happened.


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