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In order to access those, you'll need to head on over to Facebook Developers.

If you don't already have a page, you'll need to create one.

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I have got problem playing my recorded stream in VLC. It was transmitted in MPEG2-TS format and recorded without encoding.

Inside of it, we're checking when this app loads if a user is currently logged in.

If so, we're sending them to the /members route (which, does not currently work).

We're even going to work in some very smooth animations, though, that will not be the primary focus.

While you may scroll down and notice how lengthy this tutorial is, once you take the time to understand what's happening, you can quickly move past authentication worries and start focusing on what matters; building your damn app! In early May (2017) Angular Fire2 upgraded to version 4.

Then once created, you can access the App ID and App Secret, from which you need to paste into the Facebook settings on Firebase as shown below: Also, notice the red arrow?

You need to click that icon to copy the OAuth Redirect URI.

When I'm trying to convert in different format, it keeps only audio.

With all of the various social platforms, on top of e-mail and anonymous sign-ins, authentication in this day and age is quite a complex task.

It uses Angular Fire's create User and if it succeeds (.then) we send them to /login and if not, we bind this.error to the response.


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