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Then click on the Authentication link on the left sidebar and choose SIGN-IN METHOD on the top tab: Once there, enable at least Email/Password, Google, and Facebook.

Enabling Email/Password and Google are easy, but Facebook requires providing it with an App ID and an App Secret.

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Inside of it, we're checking when this app loads if a user is currently logged in.

If so, we're sending them to the /members route (which, does not currently work).

In both our login Fb() and login Google() methods, we're authenticating users and if successful, we use the Router to send them to the /members page, and if not successful, we set an error property to the returned error response.

Now let's define the /login.template: So we're checking for an error with ng If, and if the error property exists, we use interpolation to show them the error. We use event binding to call our methods on the Facebook and Google providers, and a router Link to login with Email on the third.

That will help us later on in this tutorial when we add router animations.

Angular Fire, Auth Providers and Auth Methods is required for logging in and checking if a user is currently logged in.

You would be nuts to try and build a comprehensive login system from scratch!

Fortunately, there are authentication systems we can use such as Firebase and Auth0 that do most of the heavy leg work for us.

Still, even with these systems in place, integrating them into Angular can be a bit tricky.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you exactly how to build an Angular Authentication system that uses Firebase as the auth platform.

This requires some changes in terms of Angular Fire2 integration.

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